The Contemporary Kitchens offer real value for money and come in a clean fresh white
or ivory finish to create a very modern interior, or in tactile wood grain doors that add
depth and texture to create an overall look that is guaranteed to impress.

Contemporary Gloss

These sleek, distinctive and ultra-modern kitchens are finished with a high gloss sheen
which creates the perfect modern look with clean, fresh lines that are contemporary in
design and style. They are available in an array of striking colours and also feature soft subtle curves.

Contemporary Handleless

These fresh and contemporary kitchens have clean cut lines which are very 'of the
moment' and create a perfect look that is easy to clean.

Contemporary Inset Handle

These Contemporary Inset Handle Kitchens range from economically priced kitchens in
sanded oak or white which create a very modern interior. To the sleek, fresh and
distinctive high gloss ultra-modern kitchens with striking colours, clean lines and soft
subtle curves that are fresh and contemporary in design and style.